Jesus Loves the Atom Bomb

At an undisclosed location somewhere in flyover Kansas emerged a collective known as Jesus Loves the Atom Bomb. Little is known about their true origins but rumor has it that some of the members may actually be of human origin. However there is no scientific evidence to support this often whispered claim. What is known is that if you are lucky enough to catch their live set, the energy levels have an innate ability to overtake your brain and release huge amounts of endorphins. This phenomenon may result in euphoria and an overwhelming desire to shake your butt.

If you dare to continue after your first encounter and become a disciple you will forever be referred to as a “bomber”. Be warned however, only a select few have what it takes to keep up with the high energy output of this syndicate. Sensory overload has occurred in those of weak spirit. Leaked testimony from those rumored to be near their inner circles have made rumblings that the human race currently lacks the technology to prevent the invasion. Several government officials stated that there is little the military can do to even slow it down. Once the infection enters your ear canals you too will be assimilated…welcome to the bomb squad!!!